Team America


Mongol Rally 2011

Team America is 4 guys out for driving adventures and raising money for charity.

The Mongol Rally is put on every year to drive unprepared and outrageous vehicles around 10,000 miles. Each team who participates raises £1000 for charity. There are a few rules which the teams are acquired to adhere to:

  • Engine size must be less than 1.2L
  • no GPS paper maps only.

After that anything goes. Everyone is a winner, but if you cross the finish line in ulan bator, mongolia you are awarded with your success of such a long distance. The vehicle is donated.

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  1. Put some “K Seal” in the radiator
    incase water problems water pump/head gasket etc.

  2. Would like to get in touch with somebody from the team. We’d love to feature the videos on our national tv show and set up a Skype interview. Hope to hear from someone soon.

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