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Success! Our 2005 Red Fiat Panda has been purchased and here it is. Click on through to see more of the our Fiat Panda

Surprisingly it does kind of look like the pictures below. Originally I thought I could buy the car 2 weeks before our departure, but it turns out that we had to buy before May 31 so they have the registration so they can start the paperwork to import the car into Mongolia.

You can see our ride in person if you show up to festival of slow.

Car Rules:The Mongol Rally charity raising event has a few guidelines.  The car has to be newer than 2002 and the engine size has to be less than 1.2L(think chevrolet metro, toyota yaris...)  Or look below at what we will not be getting [actually it does kind of look like ours afteralll].

One can only imagine this awesomeness of this picture in Mongolia.

When they say "new", they mean 2002.  It's more likely to look like this...

Will it be suitable?  probably not, but we are here to prove otherwise.

Oh look at this mighty fine use of a Panda.

fiat panda policja poland

fiat panda policja in poland taken by Raf24 on wikipedia

A collection of random videos about the fiat:

You can also find top gear talk about the fiat in:
fiat panda reviews - series 3, episode 5
fiat panda vs marathon runner - series 6 episode 7
strech limis - series 9, episode 6

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