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It's 10 more days before the launch of Mongol Rally 2011 and we are getting fully psyched. I'd like to thank all of you who have donated and have been a part of supporting us, but I've been learning that people have been missing out on our updates.

Lucky for you, you can now sign up to get an email anytime we post a new blog entry on Rally Team America. Just put in your email where it says "Get Notified of New Posts" or here

In addition I'd like to point out that you can also get to via other media outlets.

RSS Nerds:

We will be updating as much as we can from the road, but don't expect any high bandwidth media (ie pics and video) until our return. You can track our location live on The data you can see now is testing Spot Connect around locally, but in 2 days you can start following my travels around UK.

Lex is leaving wednesday at 1pm, and Jeff is leaving July 18. Unless I see you tomorrow, don't have too much fun without me and see you in a few months.

psss, if you haven't donated yet please donate to charity and Team America.

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