Team America

lacking the internet

we haven't had as much access to the internet as we wanted but we do have pictures and videos. Jeff is planning to upload some pictures tomorrow. I've just made the live page better, with better marked up map of where we've been from spot's site. Also make sure to check out the pictures from color on the live page. Though be aware that the web version lacks details and comments that only show in the iphone app.

it's day 4 and things are kind of a blur but are going well. We are getting into the swing of things and covering a lot of distance each day. At this point we are in a new country and language every night.

I'm pretty exhausted now and going to bed. Hopefully we will give more information in the morning before we depart in the morning.

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  1. Please be safe, we love you.
    Mom and Dad

  2. Hey Jeff, That dark beer looks pretty tasty. how is the car doing? Dad

    • It was very tasty, and I don’t even really like dark beers. Car’s performing like a champ, but it’s toughest days are ahead. Cross your fingers for us all! -Jeff

  3. so are you guys stayin in hotels or in tents or sleeping in the car?

    • hotels for now. we camped at Czechout party. temperature and weather have not been so camping friendly either.

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