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finding hotel in new city

when asking for directions to a hotel, we always end up meeting new people. I believe now that we are at #6 or 7 where people try to explain how to get to a hotel, but because of the language barrier simply give up and say follow me in my car. this has worked out very well as many times it's dark out and we have no map that can actually help us.

[in Navoiy, Uzbekistan on aug 19] Today, the guy began to draw a map and by the fifth intersection without any street names, said follow me. As we began to follow him a road was closed off(not clear why but it looked like police). So our awesome helper takes us down all these crazy streets to show up at a hotel.

if that was what he was drawing on the map it would have been impossible to find it.

Here are a picture of two that were drawn for us, and all of them were actually good. Go Uzbekistan for your map drawing skills!

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