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russia visa doom

Just realized today that our russia visa ends on sept 3. "Problem." in russian accent

now we are on a scramble of which path to take, and either extending our russia visa, or changing our route and getting another visa from kazahstan. (or perhaps choosing our alternative and screwing ourselves and require to do both)

we have just arrived into Uzbekistan and of course as timing would have it all embassies are closed. So we cannot visit the capital here and get situated, we will have to choose our path and hope for the best on the other side.

Since I originally wrote this message, we have decided to bail on any extension of russia visa as it's overly complicated, and too much of a time suckage. In exchange this means we have to bomb through Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan in order to be safely out of russia. Sadly we had to skip on Lake Issyk-Kol. I'm greatly sadden by this.

I did reach the bottom of it though, somewhere in the visa paper madness. Russia switched over to a new system and I failed to copy the right dates for russia. It should have been aug 15-sept 15, when aug 5-sept 3 are the ones on our passport. Lame mistake for missed opportunity to see some crazy scenery.

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