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who needs street signs?

There was not one sign for Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan border crossing. I'm not even sure how we found it. Luckily we knew earlier enough that we overshot the border. So turned around and drove back to ask some guys waiting for a bus on the side of the road. They pointed to take a left at a seemingly strange junction to us. The turnoff didn't even have a single sign for it. At this point what choice do we have but try it. So we took it and followed the river for about 30 minutes when suddenly we see a queue of rigs waiting at a tall building. This is usually a good sign that we've found the right place.

The signage has been getting pretty non-existent as of late. When we hit Bishkek, Uzbekistan and to see roads marked with street signs again. Wow what a miracle! We are amazed to be able to find a hotel in under hour.

Though without street signs one would be surprised at how good we've become to finding our destination. Usually we enter a city and wander around and get our bearings and then we triangulate with our known bearings, asking locals for directions and somehow manage to get to our hotel for a good night of sleep.

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