Team America

has it really been that long?

wow! i'm quite behind on posting something since our return.

As some of you may know we are back and we successfully made it to the finish line. We left Goodwood Circuit on July 23, roughly 3:45pm (BST). We arrived at the finish line on Sept 11, at 1:12pm (ULAT). It took us 51 days. The car odometer reported us travelling 9642 miles, a few miles short of the 10,000 miles, but we probably have exceeded it if we had not taken a ferry across the Caspian Sea.

Anyways the point of this post is to claim how much raw video that we have. We had about 1TB of raw video and jpegs of the time lapse from Czech Republic to the finish line. Yesterday I just converted all the jpegs into movies which is looking to be about 200 minutes long. It's good to have taken a break and it's exciting to look at the stuff we have. I'm looking forward to show some of it in the near future.

I do have a few stories cooking that I never posted either. Hopefully I can include those when we post some videos.

see you soon!

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